JHI最新号:Journal of Hospital Infection 105(4), 2020
★★…是非読むことをお勧めする論文 ★…読むことをお勧めする論文


Evidence for decontamination of single-use filtering facepiece respirators

A. Polkinghorne*, J. Branley
*New South Wales Health Pathology, Australia

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 663-669


エアロゾル発生手技と医療従事者の SARS-CoV-2 感染リスク:エビデンスの限界★★

Aerosol-generating procedures and infective risk to healthcare workers from SARS-CoV-2: the limits of the evidence

H. Harding*, A. Broom, J. Broom
*Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Australia

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 717-725


COVID-19 の期間中に再使用する外科用マスクと N95 マスクのオートクレーブ滅菌およびエタノール処理:その性能と完全性への影響

Autoclave sterilization and ethanol treatment of re-used surgical masks and N95 respirators during COVID-19: impact on their performance and integrity

S.A. Grinshpun*, M. Yermakov, M. Khodoun
*University of Cincinnati, USA

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 608-614



Incidence and characteristics of nosocomial influenza in a country with low vaccine coverage

D. Luque-Paz*, C. Pronier, B. Bayeh, S. Jouneau, C. Grolhier , A. Le Bot, F. Bénézit, V. Thibault, P. Tattevin
*Pontchaillou University Hospital, France

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 619-624


COVID-19 パンデミック時の疑い例に対する新たなコホーティングおよび隔離対策

A novel cohorting and isolation strategy for suspected COVID-19 cases during a pandemic

B. Patterson*, M. Marks, G. Martinez-Garcia, G. Bidwell, A. Luintel, D. Ludwig, T. Parks, P. Gothard, R. Thomas, S. Logan, K. Shaw, N. Stone, M. Brown
*University College London, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 632-637


緑膿菌(Pseudomonas aeruginosa)の局地的アウトブレイクの調査におけるパルスフィールド・ゲル電気泳動法(PFGE)と全ゲノムシークエンシングによるタイピングの比較では、PFGE の精度が確認される

Comparison of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and whole-genome-sequencing-based typing confirms the accuracy of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis for the investigation of local Pseudomonas aeruginosa outbreaks

D. Martak*, A. Meunier, M. Sauget, P. Cholley, M. Thouverez, X. Bertrand, B. Valot, D. Hocquet
*Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire, France

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 643-647


化学消毒薬に対するカンジダ・オーリス(Candida auris)およびカンジダ・アルビカンス(Candida albicans)のEuropean Standard EN 13624・EN 16615による感受性試験

Investigation of the susceptibility of Candida auris and Candida albicans to chemical disinfectants using European Standards EN 13624 and EN 16615

P. Müller*, C.K. Tan, U. Iβleib, L. Paβvogel, B. Eilts, K. Steinhauer
*Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 648-656


流行中の OXA-48 産生肺炎桿菌(Klebsiella pneumoniae)のスクリーニングのための簡単で信頼性の高いワークフローの前向き評価

Prospective evaluation of an easy and reliable work flow for the screening of OXA-48-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in endemic settings

C. Rodríguez-Lucas*, M.R. Rodicio, Y. Rosete, J. Fernández
*Unidad de Microbiología, Hospital El Bierzo, Spain

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 659-662


クロストリジオイデス・ディフィシル(Clostridioides difficile)芽胞で汚染された表面の塩化ナトリウム由来電気化学的活性化溶液を用いた消毒

Disinfection of surfaces contaminated with Clostridioides difficile endospores using NaCl-derived
electrochemically activated solution

A. Medaglia-Mata*, R. Starbird-Pérez, E. Sánchez-Chacón, C. Rodríguez
*Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 670-677


オランダでの慢性創傷における溶血性アルカノバクテリア(Arcanobacterium haemolyticum)のアウトブレイク

Outbreak of Arcanobacterium haemolyticum in chronic wounds in The Netherlands

M.J. Bruins*, S.V. de Vries-van Rossum, R. Huiskes-Roerink, J.A. Wallinga, M. Waindrich, K. Creemers, J. Oskam, G.J.H.M. Ruijs, S.B. Debast, G.H.J. Wagenvoort
*Isala, Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, The Netherlands

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 691-697



Prevalence and risk factors of inappropriate use of intravenous and urinary catheters in surgical and medical patients

B.J. Laan*, M.C. Vos, J.M. Maaskant, M.I. van Berge Henegouwen, S.E. Geerlings
*University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 698-704



Quality improvement tool for rapid identification of risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers

M. Marmor*, C. DiMaggio, G. Friedman-Jimenez, Y. Shao
*NYU Grossman School of Medicine, USA

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 710-716


全ゲノムシークエンシングにより検出された optrA がコードする接合性プラスミドを保有するリネゾリド耐性およびバンコマイシン耐性 ST80 エンテロコッカス・フェシウム(Enterococcus faecium)による病院アウトブレイク

Hospital outbreak of linezolid-resistant and vancomycin-resistant ST80 Enterococcus faecium harbouring an optrA-encoding conjugative plasmid investigated by whole-genome sequencing

S.A. Egan*, S. Corcoran, H. McDermott, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Hoyne, O. McCormack, A. Cullen, G.I. Brennan, B. O’Connell, D.C. Coleman
*University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 726-735


アシネトバクター属からのリアルタイム PCR による OXA-23 様、OXA-24 様、および OXA-58 様カルバペネマーゼの迅速検出

Rapid detection of OXA-23-like, OXA-24-like, and OXA- 58-like carbapenemases from Acinetobacter species by real-time PCR

M. Mentasti*, K. Prime, K. Sands, S. Khan, M. Wootton
*University Hospital of Wales, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 741-746


化膿性レンサ球菌(Streptococcus pyogenesemm75 による産後感染症のアウトブレイクの管理

Management of an outbreak of postpartum Streptococcus pyogenes emm75 infections

K. Trell*, J. Jörgense, M. Rasmuss , E. Senneby
*Lund University, Sweden

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 752-756



The influence of hospital antimicrobial use on carbapenem-non-susceptible Enterobacterales incidence rates according to their mechanism of resistance: a time-series analysis

E. Ortiz-Brizuela*, Y. Caro-Vega, M. Bobadilla-del-Valle, F. Leal-Vega, E. Criollo-Mora, B.A. López Luis, V. Esteban-Kenel, E. Torres-Veintimilla, A. Galindo-Fraga, A. Olivas-Martínez, E. Tovar-Calderón, P. Torres- González, J. Sifuentes-Osornio, A. Ponce-de-León
*Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán, Mexico

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 757-765


最適な給水システム管理による院内レジオネラ症の予防:3 種類の汚染除去方法の比較

Prevention of nosocomial legionellosis by best water management: comparison of three decontamination methods

A. Muzzi*, S. Cutti, E. Bonadeo, L. Lodola, V. Monzillo, M. Corbella, L. Scudeller, V. Novelli, C. Marena
*Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Italy

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 766-772


確立された感染予防・制御策は、病室から病院環境への SARS-CoV-2 拡散を防げるか?

Do established infection prevention and control measures prevent spread of SARS-CoV-2 to the hospital environment beyond the patient room?

J. Jerry*, E. O’Regan, L. O’Sullivan, M. Lynch, D. Brady
*Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Ireland

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 589-592


迅速フィードバックによる臨床現場(in-situ)シミュレーションを用いた COVID-19 に対する部門の準備強化★★

Enhancing departmental preparedness for COVID-19 using rapid-cycle in-situ simulation

A. Dharamsi*, K. Hayman, S. Yi , R. Chow, C. Yee, E. Gaylord, D. Tawadrous, L.B. Chartier, M. Landes
*University Health Network, Canada

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 604-607


SARS-CoV-2 検出における高速だが、処理能力が低い定量的逆転写 PCR(RT-qPCR)システムの評価

Evaluation of a high-speed but low-throughput RT-qPCR system for detection of SARS-CoV-2

J. Sakai*, N. Tarumoto, Y. Orihara, R. Kawamura, M. Kodana, N. Matsuzaki, R. Matsumura, K. Ogane, T. Kawamura, S. Takeuchi, K. Imai, T. Murakami, S. Maesaki, T. Maeda
*Saitama Medical University, Japan

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 615-618



Preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission in rehabilitation pools and therapeutic water environments

S. Romano-Bertrand*, L-S. Aho Glele, B. Grandbastien, D. Lepelletier, on behalf of the French Society for Hospital Hygiene
*Montpellier University, France

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 625-627


オクテニジンの鼻腔内投与と患者全例に対するクロルヘキシジン浴はシンガポールの長期ケア施設においてメチシリン耐性黄色ブドウ球菌(meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)の獲得を減少させられる

Intranasal octenidine and universal chlorhexidine bathing can reduce meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus acquisition in an extended care facility in Singapore

A. Chow*, J. Wong, W. Zhang, B.-F. Poh, B. Ang
*Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 628-631



Purchase data: a proxy for safety status

A. Wong*, H. Nguyen, R. Eley, M. Sinnott
*Princess Alexandra Hospital, Australia

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 657-658



Assessing the impact of handwashing soaps on the population dynamics of carbapenemase-producing and non-carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales

M.A. Boyle*, A.D. Kearney, B. Sawant, H. Humphreys
*Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 678-681



Inferring super-spreading from transmission clusters of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore

K.O. Kwok*, H.H.H. Chan, Y. Huang, D.S.C. Hui, P.A. Tambyah, W.I. Wei, P.Y.K. Chau, S.Y.S. Wong, J.W.T. Tang
*The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 682-685


血液腫瘍患者におけるカテーテル関連血流感染症のサーベイランス:2 つの定義の比較

Surveillance of catheter-related bloodstream infections in haemato-oncology patients: comparison of two definitions

C.E.M. de Mooij*, W.J.F.M. van der Velden, P.E. Verweij, A.F.J. de Haan, L.F.J. van Groningen, C. Meijer, J. Hopman, N.M.A. Blijlevens
*Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 686-690



Healthcare workers’ attitudes to how hand hygiene performance is currently monitored and assessed

K-R. Cawthorne*, R.P.D. Cooke
*Swansea University, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 705-709


英国の地域小児病院の小児科における抗菌薬管理プログラム Paediatric antimicrobial stewardship programmes in the UK’s regional children’s hospitals

S. Vergnano*, A. Bamford, S. Bandi, F. Chappel, A. Demirjian, K. Doerholt, M. Emonts, L. Ferreras-Antolin, A. Goenka, L. Jones, J.A. Herberg, L. Hinds, O. McGarrity, P. Moriarty, S. O’Riordan, M. Patel, S. Paulus, D. Porter, K. Stock, S. Patel
*University of Bristol, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 736-740


2018 年ロンドン南部における麻疹の持続的伝播と同時期に発生した麻疹の院内アウトブレイクのマッピング

Mapping a nosocomial outbreak of measles, coinciding with a period of sustained transmission in South London in 2018

J.P. Vink*, L.B. Snell, K. Bernard, H. Mitchell, R.T. Heathcock, R. Cordery, W. Newsholme
*Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 747-751


イタリア南部ナポリの感染症専門病院における医療従事者間の COVID-19:横断的調査研究の結果

COVID-19 among healthcare workers in a specialist infectious diseases setting in Naples, Southern Italy: results of a cross-sectional surveillance study

F.M. Fusco*, M. Pisaturo, V. Iodice, R. Bellopede, O. Tambaro, G. Parrella, G. Di Flumeri, R. Viglietti, R. Pisapia, M.A. Carleo, M. Boccardi, L. Atripaldi, B. Chignoli, N. Maturo, C. Rescigno, V. Esposito, R. Dell’Aversano, V. Sangiovanni, R. Punzi
*UOC Infezioni Sistemiche e dell’Immunodepresso, Italy

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 105, 596-600






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