JHI最新号:Journal of Hospital Infection 106(1), 2020
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The economic benefits of surgical site infection prevention in adults: a systematic review

A. McFarland*, J. Reilly, S. Manoukian, H. Mason
*Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 76-101



Selection of resistance by antimicrobial coatings in the healthcare setting

F. Pietsch*, A.J. O’Neill, A. Ivask, H. Jenssen, J. Inkinen, A. Kahru, M. Ahonen, F. Schreiber
*Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 115-125



Economic analysis of healthcare-associated infection prevention and control interventions in medical and surgical units: systematic review using a discounting approach

E. Tchouaket Nguemeleu*, I. Beogo, D. Sia, K. Kilpatrick, C. Séguin, A. Baillot , M. Jabbour, N. Parisien, S. Robins, S. Boivin
*Université Du Québec en Outaouais, Canada

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 134-154


N95 および SN95 マスクの紫外線殺菌照射による汚染除去は、マスクの有効性および安全性を損なわない

Decontaminating N95 and SN95 masks with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation does not impair mask efficacy and safety

K. O’Hearn*, S. Gertsman, M. Sampson, R. Webster, A. Tsampalieros, R. Ng, J. Gibson, A.T. Lobos, N. Acharya, A. Agarwal, S. Boggs, G. Chamberlain, E. Staykov, L. Sikora h, J.D. McNally
*Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Canada

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 163-175


英国の集中治療室(ICU)における 2016 年 5 月から 2017 年 4 月の血流感染症サーベイランス:疫学と生態学

Surveillance of bloodstream infections in intensive care units in England, May 2016–April 2017: epidemiology and ecology

S.M. Gerver*, M. Mihalkov, J.F. Bion, A.P.R. Wilson, D. Chudasama, A.P. Johnson, R. Hope, on behalf of the Infection in Critical Care Quality Improvement Oversight Group
*Public Health England, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 1-9



Dry heat and microwave-generated steam protocols for the rapid decontamination of respiratory personal protective equipment in response to COVID-19-related shortages

M.J. Pascoe*, A. Robertson, A. Crayford, E. Durand, J. Steer, A. Castelli, R. Wesgate, S.L. Evans, A. Porch, J-Y. Maillard
*Cardiff University, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 10-19



Super-factors associated with transmission of occupational COVID-19 infection among healthcare staff in Wuhan, China

Y. Wang*, W. Wu, Z. Cheng, X. Tan, Z. Yang, X. Zeng, B. Mei, Z. Ni, X. Wang
*Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, China

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 25-34



Impact of penicillin allergy records on antibiotic costs and length of hospital stay: a single-centre observational retrospective cohort

N. Powell*, K. Honeyford, J. Sandoe
*Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 35-42



Perceptions of patients’ and healthcare workers’ experiences in cohort isolation units: a qualitative study

M. Eli*, K. Maman-Naor, P. Feder-Bubis, R. Nativ, A. Borer, I. Livshiz-Riven
*Clalit Community Healthcare Services, Israel

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 43-52



Bacterial skin recolonization in the operating room: comparison between various antisepsis protocols

L. Rouquette*, O. Traore, S. Descamps, S. Boisgard, G. Villatte, R. Erivan
*Université Clermont Auvergne et associés, France

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 57-64


ドイツの病院において無菌操作前の手指衛生遵守率は上昇していない:全国的なサーベイランスシステムのデータによる 4 年にわたる縦断研究

No increase in compliance before aseptic procedures in German hospitals. A longitudinal study with data from the national surveillance system over four years

T.S. Kramer*, K. Bunte, C. Schröder, M. Behnke, J. Clausmeyer, C. Reichardt, P. Gastmeier, J. Walter
*Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 71-75



Ways in which healthcare interior environments are associated with perceived safety against infectious diseases and coping behaviours

S. Bae*
*University of Missouri, USA

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 107-114



Limited multi-drug resistant organism related stigma in carriers exposed to isolation precautions: an exploratory quantitative questionnaire study

R. Wijnakker*, M.M.C. Lambregts, B. Rump, K.E. Veldkamp, R. Reis, L.G. Visser, M.G.J. de Boer
*Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 126-133



Making medical devices safer: impact of plastic and silicone oil on microbial biofilm formation

M. Slettengren*, S. Mohanty, W. Kamolvit, J. van der Linden, A. Brauner
*Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 155-162


米国の入院患者の便検体におけるクロストリジオイデス・ディフィシル(Clostridioides difficile)および多剤耐性医療関連病原体の存在★★

Presence of Clostridioides difficile and multidrug-resistant healthcare-associated pathogens in stool specimens from hospitalized patients in the USA

I.A. Tickler*, C.M. dela Cruz, A.E. Obradovich, R.V. Goering, S. Dewell, V.M. Le, F.C. Tenover, the Healthcare Associated Infections Consortium
*Cepheid, USA

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 179-185



Influence of delivery system on the efficacy of low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the disinfection of common healthcare-associated infection pathogens

N.J. Amaeze*, M.U. Shareef, F.L. Henriquez, C.L. Williams, W.G. Mackay
*University of the West of Scotland, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 189-195



Impact of implementing respiratory point-of-care testing in a regional haemato-oncology unit

E.J. Goldstein*, R. Dhillon, C. McCullough, T. Inkster, R. Soutar, R.N. Gunson
*NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 20-24



Are positive-pressure ventilation lobby rooms effective for protective and source isolation?

T.T. Poovelikunnel*, A. Barakat, A. O’Hara, H.J. Humphreys, V. Newmann, A.F. Talento
*Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 53-56



Point prevalence of penicillin allergy in hospital inpatients

M. Baxter*, C. Bethune, R. Powell, M. Morgan
*Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 65-70


高リスクの医療従事者および病院スタッフにおけるRT-PCR による SARS-CoV-2 陽性および血清陽性の動態

Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR positivity and seroprevalence among high-risk healthcare workers and hospital staff

C. Martin*, I. Montesinos, N. Dauby, C. Gilles, H. Dahma, S. Van Den Wijngaert, S. De Wit, M. Delforge, N. Clumeck, O. Vandenberg
*Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) 106, 102-106






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